Closter PTO Flyers

After School Enrichment Program (ASEP)  
Document Date Posted
ASEP WINTER 2017 PACKET 01/02/2017
ASEP WINTE 2017 PROGRAM 01/02/2017
Annual Military Bridge Night  
Document Date Posted
Military Bridge 2017 Flyer 03/30/2017
Art to Remember, Hillside Sept-Oct 2016  
Document Date Posted
Hillside Art Class Schedule 2016-2017 09/15/2016
Bicycle Safety Course  
Document Date Posted
Bike Rodeo 2017 Flyer 03/28/2017
Box Top Collection, September 2016 to May 2017  
Document Date Posted
November Box Tops Classroom Collection Graph 01/27/2017
Box Tops 2016-2017 Flyer 01/27/2017
HES & TMS Class Parents  
Document Date Posted
Hillside Class Parent List 2016-2017 11/28/2016
Box Tops- Shop Rite Info 09/25/2016
Box Tops 09/25/2016
Box Tops Collection Form 09/22/2016
Class Parent Letter 09/22/2016
Class Parent Power Point Presentation 09/22/2016
Hillside Author Visits  
Document Date Posted
Hillside Author Visits: Ruzzier, Watkins, Wenzel Information Flyer 03/16/2017
Hillside Book Fair (Fall & Spring)  
Document Date Posted
Hillside Spring 2017 Book Fair Class Visit Schedule 06/07/2017
Mothers Day Plant Sale - Fri, May 12th  
Document Date Posted
Mothers Day Plant Sale Class Visit Schedule 05/04/2017
Porch Light Play Production - The Wizard of Oz  
Document Date Posted
Hillside/Porch Light Play The Wizard of Oz Flyer 01/09/2017
PTO Administration  
Document Date Posted
18 | 8 Fine Men's Salon Promotion Flyer 09/17/2016
Closter Police Department Special Needs Registration Form 08/15/2016
Closter Police Department Special Needs Registry Information 08/15/2016
School Supply Kits  
Document Date Posted
School Supply Kits Wards 5&10 Flyer 05/23/2017
Support-A-Circle Coupon Books Fundraiser  
Document Date Posted
Tenakill Support A Circle Coupon Book Fundraiser Letter 11/29/2016
2016-2017 Closter PTO Support A Circle Coupon Book Complete List 11/03/2016
2016 Support-A-Circle Coupon Books Mobile Coupons/Discount List 10/17/2016

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