The Closter PTO new lunch program through No Fuss Lunch will begin service on Monday, September 9th.

About No Fuss Lunch

No Fuss Lunch provides healthy, organic, allergy-friendly lunch options for schools, as well as flexible ordering. You pick which days you want, order for just one day or order ahead for the coming months. You can order lunch as late as midnight the night before, select entrees are available to order through 8:30 am the same day! You can also cancel your order up to 6 am the same day for a credit on your account.
No Fuss Lunch Flyer


No Fuss Lunch account registration for Closter PTO members is now open:

After purchasing your 2019-2020 PTO Membership, you will recieve your 7-digit PTO Registration Key (look for an email from: Paperless PTO Help Desk <> subject line: School Directory App Registration Key).
To find your existing Key(s) please log in to the PTO website, go to "My Account" -> "My Directory App" OR log in and CLICK HERE.
This Key is specific to your family's PTO account, and will be used to authenticate your No Fuss Lunch account through the "PTO Membership Number" field. If you can't find your Registration Key via email or on the PTO website, please contact us.  

PTO Members: Start ordering in 3 easy steps:

1. Create an account with No Fuss Lunch

2. Log in to your account, add your child's info and your 7-digit PTO Registration Key in the "PTO Membership Number" field

3. Start ordering

For menu questions or technical issues, please contact No Fuss Lunch at: or 973-304-1976

Milk Orders: If you are interested in ordering milk through the school district please click HERE and order separately for each child in the district. 

Sample Menus

No Fuss Lunch offers Monthly Specials and Every Day entrees, which can be purchased as a complete meal (includes: fresh fruit and vegetable, small treat, and antibacterial gel) or a la carte, all available as full (regular) portions and some as half pints.
The Pizza Days vendor is our very own Ray's Pizza! Served as a complete meal on Tuesdays at Tenakill and Wednesdays at Hillside

Hillside Specials September
Tenakill Specials September
Hillside Sample: Gluten Free A La Carte options (this is what the menu looks like once you have indicated an allergy)
Tenakill Sample: Entrees options (this is what the menu looks like when you pick a day in Order Now)
Allergies Indication (select during step2 above, then you will see relevant items on the Order Now page)

For PTO related questions, please contact or


Q: Why are there different prices for the same item?
A: No Fuss Lunch gives you different options for ordering your child's meal: A COMPLETE MEAL which includes the item you selected along with fruit and veg, small treat, and antibacterial gel, -OR- A LA CARTE which is just that item. There are also full (regular) portions and half pints.
Follow Up Q: Can you give me an example?
Follow Up A: Sure! Four large chicken tenders are $7.25 as a complete meal or $6.25 a la carte. A whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese is $6.10 as a complete meal or $2.75 a la carte. Pasta with dairy free smart balance is $5.75 as a complete meal, not available a la carte. (For reference, last year's a la carte items which may not be comparable in portion size or specific ingredients: chicken tenders were $5.40, a plain bagel with cream cheese was $2.25, and pasta with olive oil was $3.75 + the free volunteer management, logistics, and labor)

Q: Why are we moving to this new program?
A: As you may or may not know, operating the schools lunch program was a volunteer-intensive endeavour, and as our schools and program have grown, it has become operationally non-viable to run the lunch program on our own. Fortunately, many neighboring towns are currently working with No Fuss Lunch and are very happy with the program: it provides a diverse daily menu of healthy, organic, and allergy-friendly options, different combinations and portion sizes, no long-term commitment, and the ability to order or cancel the night before or even the morning of. We believe this gives our schools the best value, flexibility, and quality.

Q: Do I have to order day-by-day? Can I order for a whole week? Month?
A: As the No Fuss Lunch menu changes daily, ordering is done on a daily basis. You may order any item available for that particular day, and place your order a month in advance or as late as that very morning.

Q: Do I have to commit to any time period? How flexible is this really?
A: As flexible as cancelling the night before or ordering the morning of! Yes, you are literally commitment free - order, change items, try different portion sizes, cancel if your child is absent, you can really do it all and at the convenience of your preferred screen.

Q: What about Pre-K and K students?
A: The No Fuss Lunch orders for Pre-K and K students will be served in the classrooms.

Q: So no more lunch volunteering?
A: The PTO Lunch operation is now fully outsourced to No Fuss Lunch. We have many other opportunities for you to volunteer at the schools and get involved! Check out our committees and log in to your account to register your interest in the Volunteer menu HERE