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Closter PTO Activities / Programs / Events Participation Agreement

The Closter PTO Board looks forward to bringing back some of our long-standing programs in the 2021-2022 school year

All Closter families are expected to adhere to the Closter Public Schools COVID-19 guidelines while participating in any Closter PTO activities, programs, and events

Closter Schools are following a quarantine for close contacts. If there is a positive case within any PTO activity, program, or event, any student that is identified as a close contact (within 3 feet for 15 minutes of more) would need to be quarantined. Seating charts would be utilized where applicable.
Students, families, volunteers, and service providers will wear masks according to current guidelines.
All Closter PTO volunteers and program instructors are fully vaccinated or required to undergo weekly COVID testing.
The Closter PTO activities, programs, and events will have students from varying classes and grades commingled. Every effort will be made to maintain social distancing.
ASEP: In the event that an ASEP class needs to quarantine, parents will be notified and virtual instruction will be provided.

Students and/or families participating in any Closter PTO activities, programs, and events, agree to the following statement:

On behalf of myself, my household members, and as parent and lawful guardian of my minor child, I hereby give permission for my child and/or family to participate in the Closter PTO activities, programs and events. My child and/or family and I are familiar with, and knowingly and voluntarily accept any and all risks associated with the activities/programs/events, I acknowledge that my child’s and/or family's participation in any such activities/programs/events is wholly voluntary and is not part of any regular school curriculum. I specifically assume all risks and hazards associated with my child’s participation in the activities/programs/events, including, but not limited to, the risks associated with the COVID-19 or similar type virus. I understand that my child and/or family will be associating with staff, volunteers, and other children and may contract COVID-19, and other viruses and diseases, through the participation in the activities/programs/events. Although safety measures will be in place, including but not limited to maintaining social distance, wearing masks, participation of fully vaccinated and/or tested staff and/or volunteers, the Closter PTO cannot fully mitigate and/or prevent the spread of COVID-19 given, among other things, the relatively long incubation period, and the fact that many infected persons are asymptomatic. I understand and voluntarily assume the risk that my child and/or family may acquire COVID-19, and that COVID-19 may subsequently be transmitted from my child to me, my family, and members of my household.
I certify that my child and/or any member of my family and household participating in Closter PTO activities/programs/events are in good health, have no fever, have not been exposed to anyone who tested positive to Covid-19 or exhibits Covid-19 symptoms in the past 14 days, and have no current issues that make it unsafe for my child and/or family to participate in activities/programs/events. I will notify the Closter PTO and will not send my child and/or family to the activities/programs/events if they develop a fever or illness or test positive for COVID-19.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby agree to waive, release, and discharge any and all claims, causes of action, damages, and rights of any kind, including serious injury or death, against the Closter PTO, its insurers, its governing board, and all of their respective volunteers (the “Released Parties”) arising from or relating in any way to my child’s and/or my family's participation in activities/programs/events. Including but not limited to exposure to the COVID-19 virus as we are assuming that risk.

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