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The PTO is a very active organization in Closter, and we have two main goals:
To enrich the experience of the students and provide opportunities to come together, support educational goals, and also just have fun.
To contribute financially to the schools, so that they are able to invest in the additional programs, resources, and equipment, which enhances their ability to deliver the top quality education
we are so lucky to have here in Closter.
In 2017-2018, the PTO was able to contribute $135,000.00 to our schools. This money provides the schools with assemblies, class trips, Lego robotics and new equipment for our STEM labs. A large portion of our contribution went to a new and advanced Security System for both schools.

In 2018-2019 the PTO was able to contribute $150,000.00 to our schools. Along with support from The Korean Parent Group, our contributions will fully fund Air Conditioning in ALL classrooms in both schools.

Following an unprecedented year in 2019-2020 the PTO contrinuted $60,000 to our schools. This money is directed toward Technological Enhancements to support both in-person and virtual instruction in both schools, including online platforms and accounts for our students and new smartboards for our classrooms.

Finally, in 2020-2021 the PTO contributed $149,000 to our schools. In addition to ongoing programs such as grade-level class trips and graduation events, these funds will sponsor the HES Library upgrade, and the introduction of the following programs at TMS: National Archery, Outdoor Volleyball Playground, 9-Square in the Air Playground, and Message Board in Gym/Lunch Room. 

None of this can be accomplished without a strong and dedicated leadership!
Every year we welcome new members to the PTO Board and to our many Committees, as some previous volunteers move on as their children graduate from our schools and as new programs are introduced and require new volunteers to run them!

CLICK HERE to learn about our various programs and follow instructions on top to register your interest in any opportunity!
Not sure what's the right fit for you? contact us HERE and one of the PTO Board members will reach out to discuss existing and new opportunities that would fit yout interest and availability!

We can't wait to welcome you!
The Closter PTO Board
Here are some myths and facts about the Closter PTO:
Myth: The PTO is just for stay-at-home moms.
FACT: The PTO is for everyone! Our volunteers are mothers and fathers, many of whom work and are involved in other activities and organizations. We have a wide range of volunteers who stay-at-home, work part-time to full-time, have little ones at home. are continuing their own education, and more. There is a place for everyone and regardless of your individual situation you too can make an impact on our children's experience!
Myth: The PTO has all the help it needs.
FACT: The PTO welcomes everyone and continues to need volunteers for various events, fundraisers, and committees year-round. We need you! We have PTO members who have been involved for many years and are moving on from their positions, leaving quite a few roles that need to be filled. It is important to understand that if we cannot fill these open roles, the programs and money raised from them will have to be cut.
Myth: The PTO has the same volunteers year after year and everyone knows each other. 
FACT: While we are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who return, we also welcome new ones every year. We strike up friendships and enjoy getting to know one another. For next year, we already have several new Executive Board Members, Committee Chairs and volunteers but are still looking to fill some of our most important positions!  Our volunteers range from Kindergarten to 8th grade parents, so it’s a great chance to get to know parents from other grades whom you may not have met otherwise.
Myth: The PTO has already determined its activities and events for the year.
FACT: Each year, the PTO brings back favorites and tries new activities, fundraisers and events. Those new ideas come from you! For example, our new VP of Fundraising thought it would be a great idea to do a school cookbook and it has been a great success! While we try to plan ahead, there’s still plenty of time to do even more for the students and school next year.
Myth: The PTO is always asking for funds and those monies don’t have a huge impact on the students or the schools. 
FACT: In the past three years, the PTO contributed $135,000, $150,000, and $60,000 to our schools!  A large portion of these funds contributed to an upgraded security system throughout both buildings, air conditioning in both schools, and technology enhancements for both in-person and virtual instruction for 2020-2021. Without the tireless efforts of the PTO, these much needed additions would not have been possible.
Myth: PTO volunteers need to be at the school during the day.
FACT: Much of the PTO work can be done from home on your own schedule, or at events at night or weekends. Yes, there is volunteering during the school day if you are able to do so. But no one does it all, so choose what works best for you.

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