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Class parents have always played an integral role at Hillside School.
This is a wonderful way to get involved and to collaborate with your teacher and fellow class parents to help make this a special year for our Hillside students!  
Hillside class parents may be asked to help organize outdoor classroom celebrations, provide supplies for indoor classroom celebrations, and/or send email communications to your class on behalf of the teacher or the Closter PTO. 

The deadline to sign up for Hillside class parent or Tenakill grade parent is Friday, September 10th.
Please sign up by logging into your Closter PTO account and visiting the My Students page and selecting “Volunteer as Class Parent” under your student’s name.
3 Class Parents will be selected per Hillside class. 

If you have questions about the Hillside Class Parent role, please email the Hillside Head Class Parents, Lukshmi Puttanniah and Tamara Schwartz, at hillsideclassparent@gmail.com



For questions about the Tenakill Grade Parent role, please email the Tenakill Head Class Parents, Kristin Schwartz (kschwanderson@hotmail.com) and Venessa Bokser (venessabokser@hotmail.com). 


Thank you for volunteering!

CLICK HERE for the Hillside Class Parent sample letter, presentation, and list of class parents for 2020-2021 (information for 2021-2022 will be available later in September)

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