We're excited to announce our first Read-A-Thon fundraiser:
Read-A-Thon is a fun program that brings students together with friends and family
to encourage reading and building literacy skills, while raising money for our school


Get Read-A-Thon ready in 3 simple steps: 

1. Set up your child's account on our dedicated Read-a-thon page: CLICK HERE

- Enter your teacher's name first. Create an account with student's full name and parent's email

2. Use the easy online tools to tell friends and family about Read-A-Thon so they can support your child

- Track and log at-home reading sessions (your teacher will log your in-class reading sessions for you)

* We kindly request  that parents and readers log only minutes actually read on a day to day basis after the reading has been completed. We cannot allow bulk logging or pre-recording multiple days worth of reading ahead of time, as this decreases public trust in the self-reporting (honor) system.*

3. Get your child excited about reading while raising money for our school:

- 75% of money raised goes directly to the Closter PTO to support our school: click HERE to learn more about the impact Closter PTO funds make

- 15% of money raised goes back to your child to be used in the prize store

- Additional prizes will be awarded to the students and class who read and raise the most

Check out our exciting guest reader videos below: 

Monday - Kea Peahu - Star of Netflix 'Finding Ohana' and Disney Channels 'Bizaardvark'

Tuesday - Closter Mayor John Glidden

Wednesday - Closter Police Officer Justin Krapels 

Thursday - Hillside Elementary School Prinicipal Dianne Smith

Check out our fun calendar of themed reading and dress up days HERE



I have more than one child at Hillside, how do I register?

Please register your children separately under separate accounts. 

When is the Read-a-thon? 

Read-A-Thon runs March 1st-March 12th. Logged reading begins March 1st and ends the evening of March 12th. 

Who can participate?

Pre-K - 4th graders. For younger children, log minutes that a grown up has read. Online books, audio books and books read to children should ALL be counted as minutes read. 

What are some incentives for the kids?

All children can earn fun prizes and local rewards for reading. 15% of money raised can be used to "purchase" items in the Read-A-Thon store.

Choose prize rewards no later than Monday, 3/22. Hybird/Daily students will have their rewards distributed in school by their teacher the beginning of April. Virtual parents can pick up their childrens rewards outside in front of Hillside (exact dates/times will be announced soon) 

Prizes for children and classes who read and raise the most money include: "No Homework" pass, virtual lunch with the principal, Flavor Labs cooking class, STEAM-To-Go art kit, Bareburger, Chipotle, Mochinut gift cards, and much MORE!!!!  

For example, if your child raises $100, he/she will have $15 to spend in the rewards store. The last day to order prizes is 3/22. Check out the sample prize store HERE 

Sample rewards store items include the following: 

When and how do children receive their rewards and prizes?

Choose prize rewards online no later than Monday, 3/22.

Hybird/Daily students -  rewards will be distributed in school by their teacher the beginning of April.

Virtual students - rewards will be distributed outside in front of Hillside (exact dates/times will be announced soon) 

What are our goals during the 10 days of the program?

Fund raising: $100 per child

Reading minutes: 500 minutes

It sounds like a lot but it's really just 50 minutes a day (not including weekends). It's very attainable. Here's an example: 

- HNN Guest reader = 10 minutes (logged by you)
- Hybrid/virtual reading sessions with your teacher = 10- 30 minutes (logged by your teacher)

- Bedtime reading = 10 minutes (logged by you)
- Independent reading, Literacy Plus, Library session = 10- unlimited minutes (logged by you)

What are some reading resources we can use?

Closter Public Library - request books online & safely pickup doorside

Class Link has multiple digital reading resources including:

Storyline Online
Pebble Go
World Almanac For Kids
World Book for Kids
PK Earth and Space, Life Science, Physical Science
Reading A to Z (RAZ Kids)

Why are we doing a Read-a-thon?

This is a fantastic way for our school community to come together, get our kids excited about reading, and raise money for our school
Many schools in our area have held very successful Read-a-thons

As you may know, the Closter PTO supports many of the wonderful programs our children benefit from throughout the year.
Due to Covid-19 we were unable to hold many of our traditional events. This is a great way to support our school in a safe and fun way


Any questions?
Please contact the Read-a-thon Co-Chairs: Jill Lim-Jantrasami & Jill Herling









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