We are very lucky to be here in Closter with such amazing teachers, staff, and a very active PTO community.
With our teachers’ and administrators’ support and the dedication of an amazing group of volunteers we are able to deliver a large number of programs and events every year.

The PTO is a very active organization in Closter, and we have TWO main goals:

The first is to enrich the experience of the students and provide opportunities to come together, support educational goals, and also just have fun.

Events like Book Fairs, Author Visits, and Cultural Assemblies, help support the educational mission of the schools, while others are simply meant to be pure fun and a chance to come together as a community and to share special moments with our children.

We have lots of great events throughout the year for kids like Movie Night, The Spring Fair, Mother’s Day Plant Sale, and the Talent Show.
We also have our Mother/son and Father/Daughter Dance where the kids can bring a special adult, and so many more!

We also have some fun adult only events such as The Fall Social, the Annual Dinner Dance, and our Military Bridge Night.
These events are a great way to meet other parents and to mingle in a fun environment.

Our other Goal is to contribute financially to the schools, so that they are able to invest in the additional programs, resources, and equipment, which enhances their ability to deliver the top quality education we are so lucky to have here in Closter.

At the end of 2017-2018, the PTO was able to contribute $135,000 to our schools.
This money provides the schools with assemblies, class trips, Lego robotics and new equipment for our STEM labs.
A large portion of our contribution went to a new and advanced Security System for both schools.

We are very proud to announce that in 2018-2019 the PTO was able to contribute $150,000 to our schools.
Along with support from The Korean Parent Group, our contributions will fully fund Air Conditioning in ALL classrooms in both schools.

Following an unprecedented year in 2019-2020 the PTO contrinuted $60,000 to our schools.
This money is directed toward Technological Enhancements to support both in-person and virtual instruction in both schools, including online platforms and accounts for our students and new smartboards for our classrooms.

Finally, in 2020-2021 the PTO contributed $149,000 to our schools.
In addition to ongoing programs such as grade-level class trips and graduation events, these funds will sponsor the HES Library upgrade, and the introduction of the following programs at TMS: National Archery, Outdoor Volleyball Playground, 9-Square in the Air Playground, and Message Board in Gym/Lunch Room. 

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