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 How The Closter PTO Supports Our Schools

The Closter Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is a long-established, non-profit organization working in partnership with the Hillside Elementary School, Tenakill Middle School, and the Closter Board of Education. The PTO is led by a group of parent volunteers, who rotate bi-annually.

The mission of the PTO is to work closely with parents, teachers, and administrators to provide our children with the best educational, recreational, and cultural experiences.  Throughout the year, the money we raise through membership dues and various fundraisers goes directly back to the schools to support these efforts.  We are proud to be able to offer many wonderful programs to our children and the community.  Together we can all be part of our children's school experience!

 In recent years, PTO funds have been used for wonderful contributions to the schools such as: 

  • New shades for the Hillside playground
  • New STEM and Lego Robotics programs for Hillside and Tenakill
  • Complete upgrades to both Hillside News Network (HNN) and Tenakill Broadcast News (TBN)
  • SmartBoards and microphones for Tenakill Middle School

In addition, the following programs are funded by the PTO on a yearly basis:

  • Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Program for Hillside - assemblies for children and parents ($1,000)
  • Grade 8 Teen CAP Program ($1,500)
  • Grade 6 Anti-Bullying Program ($1,600)
  • Class Trips - $2,000 per grade ($18,000)
  • Cultural Arts Events - assemblies for Hillside and Tenakill students ($8,000)
  • Grade 8 Dinner Dance ($8,000)
  • Marjorie Zellner Scholarships for graduating seniors of Northern Valley Demarest ($2,000)
  • Heroes and Cool Kids in partnership with Northern Valley Demarest ($1,000)
  • School Recess Equipment - provision of indoor recess equipment (ie, board games) for Hillside and sports equipment for Tenakill ($2,000)
  • Books for libraries
  • Gardening and playground equipment