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Closter PTO Flyers

*HES & TMS  
Document Date Posted
Closter Planning Meeting Agenda 2.11.19 02/09/2019
*PTO Administration  
Document Date Posted
Cheer flyer 2018 07/17/2018
*PTO Lunch Program  
Document Date Posted
Hillside Lunch Session 3 Menu 02/01/2019
Tenakill Lunch Session 3 Menu 2018-19 01/31/2019
Hillside Session 2 Menu 2018-2019 10/27/2018
*PTO Student Activities Team  
Document Date Posted
Project Cicero 02/24/2019
After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) Hillside  
Document Date Posted
ASEP FALL 2019 06/13/2019
ASEP WINTER 2019 PACKET 01/18/2019
ASEP WINTER 2019 CLASS LIST 01/05/2019
ASEP FALL 2018 CLASS LIST 09/05/2018
ASEP FALL 2018 PACKET 09/04/2018
Hillside ASEP Program Packet 2018 (Revised) 08/21/2018
Hillside Fall ASEP 2018 class offerings (revised) 08/21/2018
After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) Tenakill  
Document Date Posted
2019 Winter ASEP Tenakill 01/20/2019
Tenakill ASEP- Class offerings for Fall 2018 (revised) 09/01/2018
Tenakill ASEP Class Offerings fall 2018 09/01/2018
Tenakill ASEP Program FALL 2018 (revised) 09/01/2018
Tenakill ASEP Program FALL 2018 (revised) 09/01/2018
Tenakill ASEP Program FALL 2018 (revised) 09/01/2018
Annual Dinner Dance  
Document Date Posted
Masquerade Sponsorship Letter and Levels 11/16/2018
Dinner Dance Tax Form 11/16/2018
Donation letter 11/16/2018
Dinner Dance Tax Form 08/20/2018
Art to Remember  
Document Date Posted
Art to Remember Parent Letter 2018 09/18/2018
Book Fairs - Hillside  
Document Date Posted
Spring Schedule 2019 05/13/2019
Book Fair Schedule 2018 09/18/2018
Box Top Collection  
Document Date Posted
box top collection 2018 09/18/2018
Box top letter 2018 09/18/2018
Box Tops 08/20/2018
box top flyer 2017-2018 08/20/2018
Fall Parent Social  
Document Date Posted
Fall Parent Social Revised 09/13/2018
Fall Social 2018 09/13/2018
Family Portrait Night  
Document Date Posted
Family Portrait Night 2018 10/02/2018
Hillside and Tenakill Author Visits  
Document Date Posted
Lynda Mullaly Hunt 03/13/2019
Ellen Potter information flyer 02/26/2019
Lulu the Broadway Mouse Order Information 10/16/2018
Lulu the Broadway Mouse information 10/16/2018
Hillside Holiday Boutique  
Document Date Posted
TREP$ Marketplace Flyer 11/26/2018
Holiday boutique 2018 schedule 11/15/2018
Mathnasium Night  
Document Date Posted
Mathnasium Night Flyer 11/08/2018
Military Bridge Night  
Document Date Posted
Military Bridge flyer 2019 04/03/2019
Mother-Son Dance  
Document Date Posted
Mother-Son Dance 2019 flyer 01/02/2019
Mothers Day Plant Sale  
Document Date Posted
Revised Mothers Day Plant Sale Schedule 2019 04/29/2019
Mothers Day Plant Sale Schedule 2019 04/29/2019
Porch Light Studios  
Document Date Posted
Alice in Wonderland Flyer 09/26/2018
Spelling Bee  
Document Date Posted
Spelling Bee Rules 2019 02/07/2019
Talent Show at Hillside  
Document Date Posted
Hillside Talent Show Rules and Entry Form revised 03/06/2019
Rules and Entry Form for Hillside Talent Show 03/06/2019
Hillside Talent Show Rules and Entry Form 03/06/2019
Talent Show at Tenakill  
Document Date Posted
Rules and Entry Form Tenakill Talent Show 02/14/2019
Tenakill Talent Show Entry Form 2019 02/14/2019
Document Date Posted
Tenakill ASEP 2019 01/21/2019
2019 Winter ASEP Tenakill List 01/20/2019
Trivia Night  
Document Date Posted
Trivia Night 2019 12/12/2018

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