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Closter PTO Flyers

*HES & TMS  
Document Date Posted
Closter Planning Meeting Agenda 2.11.19 02/09/2019
*PTO Administration  
Document Date Posted
Cheer flyer 2018 07/17/2018
*PTO Lunch Program  
Document Date Posted
Hillside Lunch Session 3 Menu 02/01/2019
Tenakill Lunch Session 3 Menu 2018-19 01/31/2019
Hillside Session 2 Menu 2018-2019 10/27/2018
*PTO Student Activities Team  
Document Date Posted
Project Cicero 02/24/2019
After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) Hillside  
Document Date Posted
ASEP WINTER 2019 PACKET 01/18/2019
ASEP WINTER 2019 CLASS LIST 01/05/2019
ASEP FALL 2018 CLASS LIST 09/05/2018
ASEP FALL 2018 PACKET 09/04/2018
Hillside ASEP Program Packet 2018 (Revised) 08/21/2018
Hillside Fall ASEP 2018 class offerings (revised) 08/21/2018
After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) Tenakill  
Document Date Posted
2019 Winter ASEP Tenakill 01/20/2019
Tenakill ASEP- Class offerings for Fall 2018 (revised) 09/01/2018
Tenakill ASEP Class Offerings fall 2018 09/01/2018
Tenakill ASEP Program FALL 2018 (revised) 09/01/2018
Tenakill ASEP Program FALL 2018 (revised) 09/01/2018
Tenakill ASEP Program FALL 2018 (revised) 09/01/2018
Annual Dinner Dance  
Document Date Posted
Masquerade Sponsorship Letter and Levels 11/16/2018
Dinner Dance Tax Form 11/16/2018
Donation letter 11/16/2018
Dinner Dance Tax Form 08/20/2018
Art to Remember  
Document Date Posted
Art to Remember Parent Letter 2018 09/18/2018
Book Fairs - Hillside  
Document Date Posted
Book Fair Schedule 2018 09/18/2018
Box Top Collection  
Document Date Posted
box top collection 2018 09/18/2018
Box top letter 2018 09/18/2018
Box Tops 08/20/2018
box top flyer 2017-2018 08/20/2018
Fall Parent Social  
Document Date Posted
Fall Parent Social Revised 09/13/2018
Fall Social 2018 09/13/2018
Family Portrait Night  
Document Date Posted
Family Portrait Night 2018 10/02/2018
Hillside and Tenakill Author Visits  
Document Date Posted
Lynda Mullaly Hunt 03/13/2019
Ellen Potter information flyer 02/26/2019
Lulu the Broadway Mouse Order Information 10/16/2018
Lulu the Broadway Mouse information 10/16/2018
Hillside Holiday Boutique  
Document Date Posted
TREP$ Marketplace Flyer 11/26/2018
Holiday boutique 2018 schedule 11/15/2018
Mathnasium Night  
Document Date Posted
Mathnasium Night Flyer 11/08/2018
Military Bridge Night  
Document Date Posted
Military Bridge flyer 2019 04/03/2019
Mother-Son Dance  
Document Date Posted
Mother-Son Dance 2019 flyer 01/02/2019
Porch Light Studios  
Document Date Posted
Alice in Wonderland Flyer 09/26/2018
Spelling Bee  
Document Date Posted
Spelling Bee Rules 2019 02/07/2019
Talent Show at Hillside  
Document Date Posted
Hillside Talent Show Rules and Entry Form revised 03/06/2019
Rules and Entry Form for Hillside Talent Show 03/06/2019
Hillside Talent Show Rules and Entry Form 03/06/2019
Talent Show at Tenakill  
Document Date Posted
Rules and Entry Form Tenakill Talent Show 02/14/2019
Tenakill Talent Show Entry Form 2019 02/14/2019
Document Date Posted
Tenakill ASEP 2019 01/21/2019
2019 Winter ASEP Tenakill List 01/20/2019
Trivia Night  
Document Date Posted
Trivia Night 2019 12/12/2018

THANK YOU to everyone who attended, donated, sponsored, organized and supported our annual Dinner Dance, Moonlight Masquerade! It was a wonderful event! 

CLICK HERE to see the photos generously captured by Ivy Dash Photography and Elana Goodridge Photography and please reach out via the below contacts to learn more. 

Dash Photography
Phone: 732-319-0026
Elana Goodridge Photography 
Phone: 917) 270-9365 (Cell)